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Looking out for you – top ranking protection

BullGuard has done it again. That’s right, it’s gained top ranking for its protection, sheer performance and so easy-to-use usability.

AV-Test, an independent lab which evaluates and rates antivirus and security software, gave BullGuard the highest possible scores across three categories; protection, performance and usability.

The AV-Test lab assessed antivirus software, from ten of the biggest vendors (including BullGuard), on home computers running the Windows 10 operating system.

The tests were carried out during November and December 2019.

BullGuard was only one of three vendors to ‘smash’ the tests with the best score possible.

Of course this is great news for our customers who have independent confirmation that they are using the best antimalware protection available.

These results are the latest in a long line of top-ranking scores for protection and performance. It’s fair to say that BullGuard performs consistently well in these tests.

Given that providing the best protection possible, top performance and ease-of-use are BullGuard’s overarching objectives, this isn’t too surprising.

For instance, advanced machine learning is a recently introduced innovation to BullGuard protection, designed to identify emerging malware and stop it before it strikes.

Ease-of-use is also a founding BullGuard principle. Too often consumer security software is unnecessarily complex when it doesn’t need to be, which is why we ensure BullGuard is always elegantly simple to use.

Whichever way you look at it BullGuard takes care of you.

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